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Security Controls, Automation, and Audiovisual Systems Design & Integrations Firm



Security is an integral part of business. We believe that security should be easy to use and provide the protection that you deserve. CSC Integrations specializes in both perimeter security and electronic security control solutions for new and existing facilities. Learn about how you can secure your commercial and government buildings and property. Don't wait until it's too late!



Lower your building operating costs, increase your profits, and increase your properties value through managing your buildings HVAC and energy costs, along with your security solutions, your audio video systems, and your lighting systems by tying them into one system. Our single interface can manage all the electronic systems in your building, offering cost controls and efficiencies though our Smart Building Solutions.



In todays business world, where many companies have multiple locations, the need to collaborate with other decision makers outside of their own office is a requirement that will continue to grow.  Providing video conferencing services, and the backbone needed, is required in today's environment. From distributed audiovisual services to digital advertising displays, CSC Integrations can provide you with the product and services you need.  




Call us today at 800.286.4188 or email at to schedule your appointment.



CSC Integrations offers the full suite of security control technologies. From entry level to advanced custom security cameras and access control systems, we have everything you need to secure your business. Call today to schedule a design consulation.


Today's automation technologies allow you to monitor and control nearly every aspect of your organization. CSC Integrations can design the system that works for you and your business operations. Learn more about how we can save your business money on a monthly basis.


Designing and integrating technology into your business or government offices can be a difficult venture. In today's environment where all technologies should work together, you can count on CSC Integrations to design a system that works for your operations. Give your employees the technology they deserve.


With a state-of-the-art 24-hour video monitoring center, CSC Integrations offers video alarm monitoring service with event based instantaneous notification when an event occurs on property. Lower your cost of security and increase your capability to protect your business 24 hours per day. Call us today to learn how you can save.

Advanced Analytics with a Deep Neural Network Artificial Intelligence Engine


Situational  Awareness and Identification System

CSC Integrations designed the first-ever advanced analytics suite with a deep nueural network artificial intelligence engine, also called a Deep AI, that uses behavioral pattern recognition to identify actions that are consistent with a wide range of behaviors. The Situational Awareness and Identification System (SAAIS) can be deployed on railroad tracks, bridges, water storage facilities, government buildings, and military installations. Behavioral pattern recognition and identification include suicidal, criminalistic, and terroristic patterns of behavior, thereby providing our clients with a wide range of deployment options.


In Palo Alto, California, CSC Integrations deployed the SAAIS system to combat an issue with child and adult suicides by train. Palo Alto had seen a concerning increase in the number of suicides involving children and routinely ranked in the top two of jurisidictions with the highest yearly suicide rates on Caltrain tracks in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since its deployment, SAAIS has successfully prevented suicides from occurring on the tracks. Being a part of the solution, CSC Integrations takes pride in knowing that

Who Is

CSC Integrations is a custom security controls, automation systems, and audiovisual systems design, sales, and integration firm.

CSC Integrations?

CSC Integrations is a veteran-owned custom security controls, automation system, and audiovisual systems design and integration firm. We live and breathe all things technology. Our team is comprised of some of the brightest technical minds in the security controls, automation systems, and audiovisual systems field. From design to integration, CSC Integrations offers a full suite of products and services no matter the size of your project. We offer a wide variety of entry-level to advanced product in each of these categories. We believe that just as every person is different, so is every project.


With offices in Sunnyvale, California and Boulder, Colorado and satellite offices in Tucson, Arizona, CSC Integrations is uniquely situated to provide your business or government office with expert design and integration services.  Call us today to learn more about the many products and services that we offer.

The process is simple, call us today and our staff will immediately begin the process to design your custom security controls, automation, or audiovisual system project that works within your budget, needs, and requirements. Reach out to our team and move your project from conception to reality.


Call us today at (800) 286-4188 or via email at 


There are many do-it-yourselfers who have the experience or abilities to install security controls, automation, and audiovisual systems on their own. We believe that those who can, should be able to complete their own projects. Shop today!

20% Discount Thru the end of 2016

Police, Firefighters, EMT's, Nurses, and Doctors protect us on a daily basis. CSC Integrations is offering protection for them and their families until the end of 2016.

CSC Integrations understands the importance of ensuring that we get it right the first time. This is precisely the reason we developed an indepth questionnaire that will only take a moment to complete, yet provides the necessary information in order to provide you with the best service.


If you are contemplating purchasing an automation, audiovisual, networking, or security controls system in your business, complete the quick questionnaire and we will provide you with a no-hassle honest estimate of what the costs are if you decide to proceed. PROCEED TO QUESTIONNAIRE


Call us today at 800.286.4188 or email at to schedule your appointment.


Call us today at 800.286.4188 or email at to schedule your appointment.


Our Automation Division works with both indoor and outdoor grow facilities to automate watering and other processes allowing you to see each plant's soil report from anywhere in the world. Save time and money today! Call today to schedule a design consulation.


Today's cannabis users expect a more luxurious experience when they come into your retail shop. Your clientele deserve the best user experience possible. Our team can design automation, audiovisual, and security controls into your business to make the user experience second to none. Call us today to learn more.


Building a cannabis retail or grow facility can be a daunting task. Our designers and integrators will work with you during the design and build process to ensure you are incorporating all of the technology needed to giver your customers the very best user experience possible. Call us today to schedule your design appointment.


Customer experience is most likely on the top of your mind. Give customers a technological superstore by automating the functionality of plant strain information and more. This will allow your employees to focus on providing the best customer service possible. Call us today to schedule your design appointment.


Call us today at 800.286.4188 or email at to schedule your appointment.

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