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Security Controls, Automation, and Audiovisual Systems Design & Integrations Firm

Our ultra-slim and innovative SoundFrame 'picture' speakers make it easy to integrate high quality sound with any interior. With easy-to-install on-wall and in-wall options, pivoting drivers for the ideal audio balance, and a wide range of grille colours, images and custom grille designs, the SoundFrame range provides the elusive blend of superior sound and décor that all style-conscious home entertainment lovers seek.


To complete a perfect picture, the SoundFrame designs are easy to install. Keyhole fixings for on-wall and pre-fix corner brackets for the in-wall models make the process routine, and for a brilliant wire-free look, the connecting cable runs in the wall cavity, enters from the back and is connected at the front.


The SoundFrame models will combine in any way and in any number to generate brilliant multi-channel music and film sound, surpassing the quality of many conventional box systems without the cost to living space and décor.

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